In line with the motto of Ladakh police- Soft & Firm, we will firmly uphold law of land, preserve public order and prevent crime primarily through measures like trust building, compassion-based engagement, community partnership and adherence to ethical principles.


Ladakh police strive to be the premier law enforcement agency in order to develop Ladakh as the India’s safest destination for the visitors and the most peaceful community marked by trust, understanding and cooperation.


To realize our vision and accomplish our mission we hold these values for our ethically inspired leadership.

1. Equality - Promote equal access to all - Leave no one behind.
2. Excellent Service - Provide excellent police services backed by both passion,perspective and professionalism.
3. Enthuse Accountability- Proudly be responsible and obligated to answer one’s action, duties, development and appearance to the public.Transperancy in actions and developing inbuilt checks & balances on all acts done while discharging legitimate duties.
4. Empathy- Community interaction is guided by genuine effort and ability to feel and understand what another person is experiencing.
5. Employees care - Committed to build to people-oriented organization. We recognize that policing is a demanding service for police personnel and their family therefore we focus on various welfare measures like health insurance, advance loan, scholarships, talent honing, competitive training for wards of police personnel and martyr's family care.
6. Exemplify personal and organizational integrity- Adhering to moral and ethical principles especially during adverse and difficult circumstances.
7. Embrace courage- Instilling sense of courage and standing for justice in face of unfair practices.