1) Always be alert and aware of the surrounding for suspicious bags ,packages or vehicles ,people acting suspiciously and report any concerns to police or appropriate authorities.
2) Get your domestic helps registered with local police station for verification.
3) Keep all your valuables in a safe bank locker.
4) Always lock car doors after entering or leaving your car
5) Don’t allow strangers to withdraw money from your ATM by sharing your access code.
6) Don’t answer door without verifying who it is.
7) Install sturdy doors and windows to your homes & office.
8) Keep your emergency numbers close at hand so that you have them in case of emergency.


1) Don’t use your mobile phone while driving.
2) Avoid speed driving.
3) Observe and anticipate other road users and use your mirror regularly.
4) Always use seat belt while driving.
5) Don’t drink & drive.
6) Use helmet while driving.
7) Walk safely when crossing the road.
8) Maintain safe distance.