Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)

ERSS -- An initial initiative of Government of India under the Nirbhaya funds scheme for ensuring safety of women and children. Emergency Response Support System is a Pan India single free number (112) based emergency response system for citizens in emergencies/distress where in call can be made 24*7 and assistance can be sought from fire Brigade, medical team or The police. The state/UT shall designate a dedicated Emergency Response Centre called Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to receive/handle and despatch emergency requests to the nearest response point so that the emergency situation is handled in real time. In Ladakh UT ERSS shall be implemented and inaugrated on 31st October 2020 where in Police(100) and women helpline (1091)shall be immediately clubbed in it however subsequently, Fire(101), Health(102) and Disaster Helpline( 1078) shall be incorporated in it. ERSS service can be operated in following ways:-
1. Dial 112 from the phone
2. Press power button on smart phone to activate Panic call
3. Long press 5 or 9 key on the phone to activate Panic call
4. Log on to UT ERSS website and place SOS request
5. Email SOS alert to PSAP in the UT.
6. Use 112 India mobile app (available in playstore and apple Store) to activate Panic call. Women and children can activate SHOUT feature in 112 App for faster assistance by activating volunteers for help who are nearby.